Sunday, 14 November 2010

Springing into Shape

After my efforts to get into running, I was told not to run anymore since my stupid knee was playing up. Again. Urgh.

Unfortunately I had already signed up for the last race in the Spring into Shape fun run series with meJoolie, so I figured I'd do my best and would just walk the 4.3km course if the knee started to hurt.

I managed to finish the course with a combination of slow jogging and walking in a time of 33:03. That in itself means not too much at all to me seeing as I've never done one of these before but once the knee heals up, I'd like to use it as a benchmark to beat.

Check us out - still smiling post-race

To celebrate finishing our first run (more walk in my case), we took advantage of the complimentary 10 minute massages post-race and scored some freebies (shower gel, juice, a health bar and the Sunday paper). We then rewarded ourselves with a hearty breakfast at Cafe Panette - no wonder we were smiling!

Eggs a la Mer with a roesti on the side

I have to say that I enjoyed myself a lot more than I expeted to. We were lucky hat on a really wet weekend it didn't rain while we ran! I'm hoping that phone calls tomorrow to an osteo and an acupuncturist will mean I can try out another fun run soon - being injured is so frustrating, especially with summer on the way.

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