Thursday, 24 June 2010

Celebrating being injury free

I hurt myself playing netball about 2 months ago now. As I'm not a particularly active person I found this quite annoying - my (perhaps flawed) logic is that if you exercise lots then you're more likely to injure yourself but obviously that is not the case since netball only happened once a week and I managed to get hurt plenty.

After the first couple of days where I had a bit of trouble walking, I was going about my business with no visible limp but with a permanent ache in my knee joint and a pinching sensation in my back at times. A visit to the local GP wasn't much help but I was advised by my workmates to see a physio, and see one I did. Turns out the problem was some bruised cartilage in my left knee joint (I'm sure there is a long technical name for his but I would have no idea) and that then affected the muscle going from my knee to my hip. The back pain was most likely caused by my walking funny to compensate for the dodgy knee. I guess it's like the song goes - 'the hip bone's connected to the thigh bone' etc etc.

After weekly sessions of rather painful manipulation of my knee and doing physio-recommended exercises to help my body recover, I'm excited to report that I now have the all clear *YAY*

Part of my recovery meant staying away from heels and uncomfortable shoes so I'm now rejoicing in wearing them again (heels that is - uncomfortable shoes I'm still trying to steer clear from) and decided to splurge on a new pair of winter boots!

Wittner 'Montage' boots

Somehow I think I may have gotten carried away since I also ended up with some other footwear...

Nine West 'Tabba' heels (patent)

Nine West 'Nodin' ankle boots

My excitement at no longer being in pain when walking, coupled with fantastic sales, also resulted in a couple of other footwear purchases that shall not be spoken about but I sure am a happy SuBoo. My feet are practically beaming :D

Oh and erm no more netball for me - the mixed league I play in is just a bit too rough for my liking. Instead the plan is to go hard at the gym - and they're starting Zumba classes next week *excitement*

Wish me luck in staying injury free for the next few months - I don't think my wallet will be able to afford the recovery celebrations otherwise ;)

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Antoinette said...

Glad you're all healed up! And now heeled up again, too. I have a hard time denying myself at least one pair of really impractical shoes every year.