Saturday, 19 June 2010

Still not quite back into it... but for good reasons!

A glorious 4-day weekend away to celebrate my birthday in sunshine has not helped the sewing mojo at all. I just want to go back! Unfortunately a girl needs to be cashed up enough to buy fabric (and shoes!) so I'm back at work. In the cold. *sob*

I've also been a little sleep-deprived due to a little event called the World Cup (Go Socceroos!) with matches occuring when I am generally supposed to be sleeping so I'm actually amazed I finished up some bibs today. They are pretty much the same as the first lot I made but this time around I used Velcro mini dots instead of snap buttons. I was told that this would make it a lot easier to get the bibs on and off, and I have to say that not having to use a hammer and deal with spiky metal bits is always a good thing.

Also I received this pic of Princess S wearing the ruffled skirt that I made. I have to say I was quite surprised she was wearing it since it's winter over here and it's a summer skirt but check out her layering skills ;)

Seeing her wearing it is a good reminder that I need to get off my behind and start some serious sewing - I've promised her a dress and matching bag.

But in the meantime - the Australia vs Ghana match starts in 20 minutes and friends have arrived with a belated birthday cake and wine so I'm off!


J said...

She has gorgeous hair!

SuBoo said...

Tell me about it - I wish mine was that straight and shiny!

Kristin said...

The skirt you made her is adorable. Her pattern mixing skills are also quite advanced :)