Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Bibs for Bubs

Check out the bibs I made. They were surprisingly easy to make - I think the most difficult bit was selecting which materials to use to go along with my spotty pink flannel backing (proudly recycled from some PJ pants that were too holey to do anything else with).
I used the template from one of the books I bought awhile back, 'Bend-The-Rules Sewing', followed the instructions and voila!

The only changes I made was to add another layer of white cotton in the middle of the bib, mainly for aesthetic reasons as the spotty pink flannel was showing through the white cotton on the other side, making it harder to appreciate the pink fairies and pink and blue stars.

I was really torn as to which side was front - so I attached my snap fasteners to different sides on each bib and I'll leave it up to the Mummy to co-ordinate with bubba's outfit for the day.

I'll be making more of these.


Angela said...


J said...

oh wow.. that is so cool!!!!

Pooey said...


maybe you could put a layer of plastic between the 2 fabric layers... you know, like the ones you can buy

SuBoo said...

Thanks guys! :)

Hmmm plastic layer huh... I assume those are especially made for feeding times? I think I need to investigate.