Sunday, 25 April 2010

I heart IKEA

I'd been meaning to check out some of the IKEA fabric offerings for awhile now and finally got the opportunity for a quick 5 minute nose-around the textiles section while buying some clothing racks. I have to say I was very impressed - they have some gorgeous prints that aren't really shown off that well in the catalogues. My current favourite is the Annamoa range by Lotta Kühlhorn (click on the pic below for a more detailed view of the gorgeous designs and colours)

desktop wallpaper of this graphic available from ikea here

I'm also loving the Cecilia range although I have to say that photos don't do the designs justice.
I was going to pick one of the designs to make up a fabric tote bag but just couldn't decide between the gorgeous options and didn't want to waste my hard earned pennies so I ended up hold offing for now and instead decided to take advantage of some clearance prices available - I ended up with 2 metres of some sturdy cotton at 50% off.

Not quite as attractive as the designs above *sigh* but I might as well give the bag pattern a test run before spending and potentially ruining the good stuff.

I must say you sure can do a lot of stuff with IKEA fabrics.

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