Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Fleecy leggings to the rescue?

Today I felt like my ankles were going to drop off due to frostbite. Melbourne is getting ridiculously cold. It's also affecting my creative mojo since all I want to do when I get home from work is shower, eat, and then jump into my bed and watch the idiot box. I've only gotten as far as cutting out the fabric for the final version of my Macaron trial and even that took a lot out of me.

In an effort to preserve my ankles (they come in useful when attempting to use feet) and keep myself generally warm I decided to take advantage of the stocktake sales (yay for 30% off!) and invested in a pair of these:

They sure do seem plush as per their name - check out the lovely fleecy insides:

I think I'll give them a go tomorrow - hopefully I'll be warm and toasty all day.


Antoinette said...

Those look so comfy! Will def. keep you warm as long as you decide you will wear more clothes than the model on the package photo. LOL

Pooey said...

i liked them so much i bought 4 pairs!!! on sale of course

Angela said...

Ooo.. those looks so comfy and warm. I don't think I can look at those any longer when it's so hot here in Texas. Hehe... :)

SuBoo said...

The leggings were fantastic - way warmer than normal thing ones *hurrah*. I've gotta get at least another 2 pairs before the sales are done. Even my mum wants a pair now ;D

Antoinette - I have to say I did wonder if she was a bit cold - she looks like she is sitting on top of a giant wind machine as well based on her hair placement lol

Pooey - 4 pairs all in black? I wonder if there are other colours available... and I might see if there are ones with feet as well!

Angela - the leggings are good and all but I'd quite happily swap - I'm terrible in cold weather!

Pooey said...

Yeah i bought 4 pairs in black. They didn't have any other colours and I don't think they make them either. It's at a point where in Winter I'd rather wear these everyday than your normal 70 denier tights. Might sound crazy, but when it's 30% it make senses to stock up!

Oh I bought the tights, not the footless leggings.