Sunday, 7 November 2010

How not to prepare

Kimba and I were supposed to have started making up some super cute sock owls for an owl mobile using a pattern we had both bought from Craft Schmaft quite awhile back now, so we booked some time in this weekend.

Aren't they cute? Details and photo source here

Unfortunately we didn't have any socks at the ready - so to solve this problem we decided to go shopping!

4 hours, several credit cards and multiple shopping bags later, I found some gorgeous little baby socks for my mobile.

We were good to go! Pity it was time for dinner. At least we'll be prepared for next time - maybe.


Elle Darko said...

i love those owls!!!

SuBoo said...

hehe me tooooo although now I'm going to HK I'm not sure when I'll get to make them!