Saturday, 27 November 2010

Pretty paper

I love pretty wrapping paper. It can seem like such a waste though when it ends up getting crushed, crinkled and ripped up, especially with some of the prices being charged these days. I know I'd much rather put my pennies towards the gift itself rather than the package it comes in!

Cue a rubber stamp, an inkpad and a roll of white paper.

I loooove the colour of the ink

Just repeat as you see fit and *stampstampstamp*, a sheet of pretty wrapping paper!


Elle Darko said...

wheres the best place to get a roll of white paper with the same consistency as bought ones?

SuBoo said...

Hmmm that's a hard one - this one I used was a bit more like parchment paper - quite absorbent but also very see-through. You could just check out offerings at Riot - otherwise I know there is a paper specialist shop on Conventry St in South Melbourne that might help? Never been into it before though - just peeked through the window ;)