Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Mario Love

When I was growing up, we were never allowed to have any gaming consoles in the house. A computer yes, but not any Sega/Nintendo/Atari entertainment. I don't think we were any worse off for it, but to this day I kind of suck at console type games.

I had a childhood friend whose house I would visit when I was younger and pretty much force to drag the Nintendo (NES) out and play Super Mario. I'd get blitzed every time seeing as she got the play it every day, but I didn't care. The game was so much fun!

These days I can probably afford a plethora of gaming consoles, but find they aren't much fun if you don't have anyone to play them with. Plus I have tendency to like cutesy games that boys just don't really want to play all that much, so I haven't really gone all out with buying them. My Nintendo DS however, has been a fantastic purchase. Hours of entertainment was had when I was living and travelling around Europe - it helped waiting at airports, sitting on trains and generally filling in boring waiting bits that happen when one travels. And yes, my favourite game was Super Mario.

Variations on the game such as Mario Kart and Super Paper Mario haven't been bad either, although I'd advise people to not bother with Princess Peach. Boring and slow! Well I thought so anyway.

Like I said, I'm still pretty sucky at console games, but someone said to me recently when we were playing it in multiplayer mode on the Wii that they had never seen me so worked up about a game/sport/competition ever. What can I say - I love it! Who can resist the distinct sounds (1-up mushroom!), level music and general cuteness of the game? I look at Yoshi and I just want one - so when I got this awesome present from Linderrr, I was one happy Mario fan.

I love love LOVE IT!


Angela said...

Haha... we used to play that game growing up as a family. It was so much fun! What a thoughtful gift you received!

luwee88 said...

There are other similarly impassioned people out there... check out Mario's 25th Birthday:

and then other Mario awesomeness:

Stella Maccy said...

I used play mario games when I was 10 years old. and now my kid who is at same 10 years is crazy about such funny mario games .