Monday, 22 December 2008

Look and feel

For those few people who visit my blog regularly (or at all even!) you may have noticed that I have once again changed the style of my page. Partly because I am trying out new things and partly because as a Gemini I am indecisive and slightly schitz, I have been adding and removing page elements depending on my mood and also playing around with very basic HTML in an effort to really ram home the fact that I work in IT. Or pretend to anyway.

So I have created a new header for the blog using a photo I took in Spain and Paint (yes you read correctly - Paint). It was slightly painful but I am happy I now have a custom header as opposed to the standard font title that used to be there. I've also played around with a few of the colours on the page and added links to some of my regularly visited websites.

Any thoughts/feedback/requests would be very welcome - still looking at bits and pieces to add to it - its very much a work in progress sort of thing seeing as I only do this when I can be bothered....


KH said...

Nice. I work in IT and a gemini too! You should get Paint.NET, it's free and it is better than Paint.

SuBoo said...

Hey I like your title header as well :)
And you are not a typical Gemini at all!

mallymoodle said...

As a fellow gemini, I am super impressed. And unforch as a non-worker in IT, I can't fiddle with the html without super stuffing up.

However, I would like to stick up for photoshop here. PHOTOSHOP FTW!!!