Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Kanye - Glow In The Dark

My tickets came and the concert rocked!
The legit tickets

Some people have said that by not having backup dancers, he didn't put on much of a show, but his performance was at the very least, pretty damn amazing. Performing for over 2 hours on stage by yourself is not an easy thing, and he did it without losing any of his passion and energy for the music.

The man himself
Standout songs: Heartless, Stronger and Flashing Lights

Standout moment: The response from Kanye after some idiot threw a coin at him while he was extolling the virtues of Melbourne. Hilarious.

Standout fashion statement: Kick ass sunglasses with a pulsing ray of light similar to KIT's from Knight Rider. His footwear (chunky black boots and silver runners) comes a close second.

Working the crowd

My only complaint was that all the tour t-shirts were being sold for $50. Considering that a gold ticket would have cost most people $140, it seemed quite the rip-off to me to add another $50 on top of that.

The expensive merchadise - I love Dropout Bear but I couldn't bring myself to fork out for it

Kanye West is a massive talent. All in all, a great night out. I missed out on seeing him in London as I was away, so I am super happy that I managed to get great tickets just a few days before the concert at a cheaper price (thanks eBay!).

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