Thursday, 4 December 2008

The inadvertent coin pouch result

I tend to have to make time to make lists. Making this time is a problem for me since I tend to just occupy my time with a whole lot of nothing. As a result, I went to Spotlight again with no list and a vague idea of wanting to make something small and quick since I have been busy procrastinating from starting up a bigger project (read: anything that takes longer than 2 hours as I am easily distracted by pretty much anything).

So I remembered that I saw a pouch tutorial online and thought it was kinda cute. Decided I would buy the 10cm zip but for some reason they only had 12cm and up in lengths. Attiirbuting this to poor stock *shrug* I bought the 12cm zip (2 since I was being ambitious as usual!) and tottered off home with some pretty new spotty material.

Of course, to my dismay, it wasn't 10cm but 10 inches required for this zip. BOOO.

I decided I didn't care and would make a baby pouch - I needed to practice anyway what with being a beginner and the result is a baby coin pouch (I can't work out what else anyone would use it for) in navy with a pale blue zip and a white lining with light blue polka dots.

All zipped up

You can see the lining here - and the coins should give you an idea of how small it is. It also looks like it has ears and a mouth at this angle.

The camera flash has blasted the colour out a bit but overall am pleased with it since it means when I get to the big version I'll be much speedier since I've done it once already :)

It actually took me awhile to figure out some of the instructions on the tutorial but I think a lot of it may be attributed to my unfamiliarity with sewing techniques and terms. I am going to get better though, I swear!

Unless I get distracted.

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KH said...

Hey it looks cool!