Saturday, 20 December 2008

I see spots!


I made a bag :)

Bag on display

Quite proud of it actually - it is made with sturdy cotton and thread and didn't take too long to make (keep in mind this is subjective and I am still a beginner so anything less than a full day is pretty decent!)

Close up of the front pocket

I am quite pleased with the results and it has proved to be sturdy enough to be my sewing bag for now. The true test will be when I take it to the supermarket as an alternative to the green reusable bags sold by the supermarket. They are great bags but not very attractive so hopefully this ends up replacing our staple carriers.


mallymoodle said...

oOh, cute bag fabric!
But if you use it for groceries, it will get dirty!

SuBoo said...

Yay glad you like the print on it - I thought it was super cute. Yes there is a dirty factor but otherwise I am not sure what I will do with it - too many random bag-gy things around the house methinks...

Frannie said...

noice noice bag! me likeys!