Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Damn those lights...

So it was supposed to be a big-ish night. I actually thought it was maybe a boys night, so I wasn't going to go but then I was told that it was non gender discriminatory. It turns out it was a boys night but I was there - no biggie since it seems to happen often and for some reason a lot of my male friends seem to like to talk about girls bits and the sizes of those bits regardless of my presence, so I wasn't cramping anyone's style.

So off we went - we started at CQ bar where we managed 2 rounds of drinks before last call and lights got brighter. All before 11pm. Then we went to check out Charlie's Bar. Not a bad little place, and other than an omission of truth for the specials initially, we settled down into our booth quite comfortably. Pity the lights lit up again after 2 drinks. Then they got brighter. And brighter.

Next stop off was Golden Monkey, even though they had packed up their chairs outside. Still busy but by that time our designated drivers had decided to stop with the drinks, so after 1 round we left to find food at China Bar. For someone who ate 2 dinners, I sure managed to put the Hainanese Chicken Rice away.

Time to brush the layer of MSG off my tongue before beddybyes.

Guess it wasn't that big a night - too much to ask for a Tuesday before Xmas in Melbourne, but thanks to Stinky, P Dodge, and Binge Drinker for the good night out and the bad jokes that went along with it.

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