Monday, 17 August 2009

New purchases

Wooooooo! I am so pleased with my purchases! I had a game plan for my weekend in Sydney and even though I only managed to complete half of it, it was the half that mattered! I made it to Kinokuniya and spent a good 45 minutes browsing the Japanese craft book section.

Other than the fact that there were a multitude of books there that caught my eye, I was especially pleased that I could look through the patterns inside the books. A couple of the books I'd been eyeing online turned out to be WAY too complicated for me to follow, with super small diagrams and a whole heaps of Japanese text (which I do not read/speak, just fyi).

I ended up coming away with the following 3 books - Girly Style Wardrobe, Stylish Dress Book (the pre-cursor to Stylish Dress Book 2 - I wouldn't have guessed, I know) and Girl's Everyday Dress.

All I need to do now is get some tracing paper to copy out the patterns and see if I can make head or tail of the diagrams!

Due to time constraints I didn't make it to Menya (sorry Frannie!) but there was a cafe called Ichi-ban Boshi just outside of Kinokuniya that looked like it had some decent Japanese fare so we decided to do lunch there and then. The food was given 2 thumbs up by all!

Princess S enjoying her edemame - she ate the whole lot!

My super yummy salmon don set

All in all a great day spent before jetting off to the airport - couldn't have asked for much more than my share of good food, exciting purchases, gorgeous weather (a sunny 28 degrees in the middle of winter!) and great company!


mallymoodle said...

OH!!! Food looks so good!

and are you going to make me a girly dress? :D

Pooey said...

oh ichi-ban boshi... it's orrite :-/

i've eaten there several times after some drunken escapades

ramen there is passable but menya still rocks!

also, are you going to make me a girly dress too?

J said...

Princess S is so cute!!

SuBoo said...

I hate to break it to you girls, but the girly dresses are for kiddies only. I know you both aren't as big as me but I doubt you will fit into Japanese girly dresses!

Pooey - yeah hard to say I guess coz I didn't have the ramen... and am not a massive ramen-er (is that a word?!)

Thanks J! x