Sunday, 9 August 2009

Bootie Call!

I am so so pleased with myself - I made some baby booties today *clap clap* ! Ok so I obviously couldn't resist with the title - can you blame me though? :D

I wasn't actually planning on being particularly constructive today but Ma and I decided to go to Spotlight to use up some $10 vouchers that their VIP members club sent us. Not sure why we got them but I wasn't going to complain about free money! (In case there was any confusion, I would like to point out that I LOVE free money. Just saying.)

While munching on my yummy lunch (thanks Ma!) and pondering on what I wanted to buy today, I spotted my copy of Meet Me at Mike's that I have totally neglected in the past few months and thought I'd have a quick flick through. There ended up being no flicking - the 'Teeny-tiny goody-two-shoes' were on the first page I opened and my mind was made up.

After a bit of umming and ahhing I decided on some floral pink and white flannel fabric - perfect for little girl bootie material. I used my $10 for the fabric, some elastic and a donation to Mum's stash. I did contemplating putting some of it towards a pattern for my jacket but seeing as I haven't done enough research, I thought it might end up being a waste.

Yes I was bad and didn't wash my fabric before putting it together - but I was impatient and I guess this was a bit of a trial run. The instructions were fairly straightforward until the end where there was a bit of head-scratching involved but all's well that ends well - check out the finished product!

The remainder of the fabric has been washed and is drying as I type for future projects. I am sure that if this pair is ever washed they'll only be suitable for premmies and teeny tiny newborns - but sometimes things are a lot cuter when they are smaller :)

EDIT - If you want to see some really impressive knitted booties, check out Frannie's super cute knitted baby set (Hai Frannie!)


Frannie said...

oooh your baby booties are kyoot! They're like little floral karate shoes! Do you have any babies to give them to?

hehehe..fanks for the link to my blog!

SuBoo said...

Well these were my trial ones but yes I have a new niece on the way! My workmate is also expecting a little boy very soon - babies galore!

I think I am starting to get obsessive again - I have work to do and I just wanna make booties!

Handmade said...

Very cute indeed!

laura said...

Those booties are too stinking cute. I want a pair for myself! I think I have a very similar pattern so that just may happen!

luwee88 said...

Risque title... raised expectations... subdued reaction upon reading. If you could have seen my reaction from reading this blog, you'd conclude that I was more deceived by the title than not.