Friday, 14 August 2009

Game plan for Sydney

I'm visiting for the weekend and I really really REALLY want to go and check out the Japanese craft book section of Kinokuniya.

Click the pic below for a better look at the offerings *drool*

Hope I make it!


Frannie said...

YAAAAY!! i love kinokuniya! I could spend HOURS, maybe a whole day in there! Seriously best bookshop ever, though not always the cheapest. hmm i might be wrong but some of the craft books are wrapped in plastic :S

Oh and there's a second Menya closer to Kino than the Chinatown one.. not that Chinatown is far.

But you must get the tonkotsu broth (pork bone broth). I think it's the tastiest! The soy/miso are good too but sometimes a bit salty..

hmm ok i just wrote a blog in your comments section hahaha

have fun!

Frannie said...

ignore me.. they're not all wrapped in plastic.. haha duuuh

SuBoo said...

Hmm okies game plan has been altered a little - I don't think Menya will be do-able but I am still trying my darndest to make it to Kinokuniya. I'd be happy if I even got 10 minutes there (although if I am stuck taking public transport there and back - 2 hour round trip - 10 minutes would be highly dissatisfying!)

Frannie said...

sydney trip photos pls! did u get to kinokuniya in the end?

SuBoo said...

Yes yes I need to post - however I can't for the life of me find my connector cable to transfer photos - which is why nothing I am currently post-less. :(