Wednesday, 11 March 2009

So many possibilities

There is something really satisfying about seeing new materials freshly washed and hanging out on the line. It really opens up the imagination around what one could make.

For example, the 3 in this picture allow me endless possibilities - although having said that I am definitely restricted by my beginner sewing skills. Still, the poly silver and gold patterned on the left will most likely be a practice wrap dress (I can allow myself to practice because I managed to buy that material for $2/metre *yay*).

It will help me to test out the pattern and upskill a bit in preparation for the real wrap dress to be made with the brown bunchy (and more expensive) fabric in the middle. The pretty cotton voile on the right was earmarked for a summer dress, but now I am thinking that it would be great to make a set of funky PJ pants for my SIL and my niece so they can have a Mummy-and-Baby matching pair. I normally wouldn't use pricey voile for PJs but it was on sale and would be so cute as a matching pair. The pic doesn't do the colours justice.

I sometimes get so caught up with the planning that I end up not doing anything with the materials at all since I can't decide what option to choose - hopefully something eventuates somewhere in the near future!

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