Friday, 20 March 2009

The Hard Stuff

I generally don't like taking medicine, but if I am sick enough to have to miss work, i will go there. As a contractor, no work = no pay, so if I can't get out of bed, it's a double whammy since sick leave isn't part of my employment contract.

So this crazy flu is giving me headaches like you wouldn't believe. I went to see a doctor in the hopes that he would dose me up, but his advice was to take Cold & Flu tablets. 'Cold & Flu tablets??' I thought with a sneer. Fat lot of good they have done me in the past.

Still, I was willing to give them another go. Little did I realise that some flu tablets were superior to others - I was given some Codral Cold & Flu tablets, but the box looked a little different to what I remembered seeing. Care factor was low, I just wanted to feel better.

Feel better I did, and off to work I went. All was well until Day 2, when I forgot to bring my pills to work. I thought I was feeling a lot better but around 3pm it was all going downhill. Turns out the pills must be pretty good after all, so I thought rather than sit there in pain, I would re-stock on the pills.

The local pharmacy didn't seem to have them, but after some questioning, it turns out that there are 2 kinds of Cold & Flu tablets from Codral - the ones on the shelf in the white box, or the ones that the pharmacist has to physically hand you in the yellow box!

All I can say is, if you ever need to take these kinds of tablets, go for the yellow box. My only fear is that since these pills merely mask the symptoms of the flu, after I am done with the recommended doseage I might end up back in bed again. I guess I'll find out in a few days.

In the meantime, *hurrrah* for

And no, I have not been paid to say that.


Jason said...

You should go get some commission for your word of mouth advertising! :) I'm sold.. Too bad i can't get any codral over here!! I could do with some atm..

Just bored at work so i thought i read up on your blog! Quite an interesting read and i see you new found hobby of sewing is still kicking and living!

SuBoo said...

Oh no, sick as well? Luckily I am almost back to 100% *hurrah*

Yes, loving the sewing although I must say I do get frustrated at times. Practice makes perfect etc etc ;)