Sunday, 8 March 2009

By popular demand...

So OK, I have been slack at updating this. I have had my reasons, laziness being one of them ;P but also since I last blogged I have gotten a job, joined a gym and actually been enjoying exercise *shock horror*

Whatever my reasons, I have been instructed by Ee to update my blog for her entertainment so I thought I would give it another bash.

I am still on my sewing thing although I am now just buying lots of fabric and not doing much with it at all, which is kind of silly. I am contemplating blogging about all of my creations in an effort to keep myself motivated but I fear that if anything, the thought of having to do extra 'work' might put me off the whole affair.

At any rate, I've bought 2 dress patterns from Vogue that I am keen to try. Both are labelled as 'very easy' but I have discovered in the past that easy doesn't mean quick so we'll see how well I progress at these.

The first is Vogue V8229, which is a slightly retro dress with or without sleeves. I am picturing it made up with the sleeves, minus the bottom ruffle.

The other dress pattern I am considering is Vogue V8379. I haven't quite worked out if it is a wrap dress or a mock wrap dress - either way it looks like it could be a nice versatile pattern that I can use for a few dresses if the final product looks any good.

I spent $65 today on a bunch of fabrics, including 6 metres of ugly beige stretch knit to practice on before I cut into the more pricey fabric I purchased. I am hoping that the weather is decent tomorrow so I can wash everything to prevent future garment shrinkage. I must say that if you are generally impatient, sewing really isn't a hobby you want to take up - all the waiting and the time it takes to cut and measure and sew and unstitch (I do this a LOT) can be very painful.

Watch this space.


Ee Lyn said...

i am (pleasantly) surprised that you actually listened to me! lol... although... i was hoping for something more juicy than sewing! :P nice pics though. ;p

SuBoo said...

Some ppl are so demanding :P