Saturday, 22 October 2011

What came first?

Once again I've been lax at writing in my blog. I think it's just because there are so many reasons to be lazy. I suspect that the only reason I am writing right now is because I'm supposed to be studying for my PRINCE2 certification so blogging sure seems like a lot more fun (I'm sure if you just clicked on the link you closed off that window very quickly).

Still, I will keep this short and sweet - I just wanted to share this interesting sight - this is a photo of a highway of sorts near my apartment.

Yes, it is goes straight through a building. The building houses government offices, a library and a carpark. Now was this a result of building the building after the road was there, or did the building come first? It's all very chicken and egg to me.

Gotta love Asia.


mallymoodle said...

Yay, Suboo posted!

I would say it's similar to the way Kings Way goes through the cashino - the road was there first!

Pooey said...

Yay! No malware message!!

Prince2.. errr.. yeah I closed it immediately.

SuBoo said...

Who knows what even happened with that Malware message... which reminds me sorry I owe you an email reply!

Yes I did think of Kingsway... but perhaps being in Asia makes me feel like this was more an mistake in planning rather than actually being planned. Biased I know.