Sunday, 2 May 2010

Keen for Mrs Perkins

The weekend has been jam-packed but I couldn't help myself. I know I only bought her yesterday and have a lot of other things I need to get done, but I've already started to lay out my stencils for my Mrs Perkins giraffe softie.


Scooby said...

Mom says if you need softie patterns she has got plenty. Even aranzi aronzo ones. Check with her before you buy any books. She buys the patterns, starts them, doesnt finish them before moving on to something else. Why? I don't know.

SuBoo said...

Aww tell your Mom thanks Scooby! I actually do have one book at home that I also haven't touched *oops* but I couldn't resist Mrs Perkins :)

Angela said...

How cute! Can't wait to see it done!