Saturday, 8 May 2010

I need some zzzz's

So Fezbola and I have big plans to check out the Stitches and Craft Show - we're going to get up early, meet at my place and then head to the Caulfield Racecourse (it'll be my first time at this venue) right on time to get there just a little before the 10am opening time. If all goes well we'll spend the whole day there attending various talks and classes and probably spending a bit of cash. I've been looking forward to going for awhile, and even more so now that I've seen various posts about the past 2 days from blogs such as Ric Rac and Two Little Banshees.

So why is it that I'm still not asleep at 5am of the very same morning?? Sure I'm looking forward to attending but I guarantee you it isn't nervous excitement keeping me up. I worked a full day and got my 8 hours of sleep last night so I am definitely overdue to be catching some zzz's right now.

So far, reading craft blogs, chatting online, watching the idiot box (that's TV btw) and reading a book haven't helped. Warm milk has also been ineffective.

I really think I need to get my sleeping patterns sorted. Admittedly getting only 4 hours of sleep during the week due to having an early morning drop-off to the airport hasn't helped but if anyone has some suggestions on how to get to sleep I'd sure love to hear about them. Of course, it'll probably be to late to put them into practice but I'm sure this will happen again - and articles like this don't help!

No sleep = an unhappy SuBoo. I'm just hoping this doesn't happen to me in the middle of the show...

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