Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Etsy inspiration

I was just browsing through Etsy today and thought I would share a few of the amazing things I saw. I am continually impressed by the creativity of the crafters and artisans who sell their wares on this site.

1. Mini fabric sew on buttons by mwenda
2. Gold branch earrings by roundabout
3. Amigurumi by Melissa Sue
4. TANYA half apron for little girls by BloomWoosie
5. Sock Monkeys by muffintopdesigns
6. The Metro Wallet with elephants on green by jenniferladd
7. Small Coin Purse Sheep Pink by fieldofroses
8. Purple Raining painting Acrylic on Canvas by rockythezombie
9. Truffle in forest green by morelle

Do you have any Etsy favourites to share?

1 comment:

Mary Nanna said...

I am lovin' those babuska dolls.. so cute.