Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Home for now

Work has kindly put me up in an apartment near my place of work - and from what I've been led to believe, it's a very decent size for one person in HK terms. Here's the grand tour...
The 'foyer'. That's my front door, with a decent sized shoe cupboard. That thing that looks like a crack in the wall is actually a bit of dried twig from a dried flower arrangement.

This is what you see when you turn around - the dining table and doors to the kitchen and master bedroom.

A full view of the lounge area from the dining table - with the suitcase still half unpacked. There is a balcony behind the (icky) curtains but seeing as I'm over 50 floors up and I don't really think it's that safe out there I doubt I'll be spending a lot of time there.

The odd shaped kitchen that also holds my washing machine. Well stocked with utensils.

The master bedroom. I say this only because the bed is bigger. I have realised though that the only reason the bed is bigger is because half the mattress is perched on the giant window ledge. They sure know how to make use of the space over here I have to say.

Bedroom 2 - the mattress seems to be wider than the standard single bed, but a lot shorter. I just fit if I lie stretched out. Hopefully any visitors I have will be midgets.

The bathroom, equipped with a bathtub and shower curtain with cartoon zoo animals on it behind the door.

I can choose to continue staying here if I want to, or move elsewhere to be closer to busier parts of HK, but it's early days yet so I plan on taking my time with the decision. Plus I'm terrible with morning starts so for now, the closer I am to work the better :)

Oh and I'd like to point out that the couch is a La-z-boy one. Perfectly positioned to recline in front of the TV a la Joey and Chandler in Friends :D


Pooey said...

Compared with the hotel rooms I've slept in when in HK, this is a pretty good size!

Looks about the same size as my Rad City one but with an extra bedroom? Although, its a weird kitchen.

mallymoodle said...

The bed on the shelf thing is kinda weird...

SuBoo said...

Yeah it is a good size but according to locals, I am out in the sticks!

Your space in Rad City was much better - and your room fit a (non-fake) double bed with bedside tables. I have a chair I put next to my bed to use as a table, but in order to get to my clothes I need to leave the cupboard door open so I don't have to keep moving the chair!

Yeah the bed on the shelf... it's more like a bed on the bay window... the only way they could shove a double in here with some storage space.