Thursday, 15 July 2010

Why am I so slow (or Ruffled Skirt No 3 - by request)

Now that Princess S can fit into it, she has decided that she must have a red version of the ruffled skirt I made for her awhile back.

I have been informed that there are several reasons for this request:
1) The ruffles on the skirt make it extra twirly (this is very important)
2) The red colour will fit perfectly as an underlayer to a fairy skirt (gauze and thus fairly see-through)
3) The combination of the skirt ruffles and the gauze will mean the overall fairy effect will be even more sticky-outy (gotta love synergy!)

So here it is. The ruffled skirt for the third time.

One would think that after making it 3 times I'd be super speedy with it, but no. It still takes me a couple of hours at least of faffing about before it's done.

Why oh why am I so slow?

Maybe it's because I watch shows on my laptop while trying to sew. Or maybe it's because I am playing 3 games of Words with Friends (a Scrabble rip-off) on my iPhone and keep checking to see if my opponents have made a move. Or maybe because I stop for a snack break every 5 minutes.

I guess everyone has different sewing habits and it's a case of doing whatever you are comfortable with. Unfortunately mine aren't very efficient!


Pooey said...

she's so fashion savvy eh?

SuBoo said...

More than I ever was but then that's not saying much lol

luwee88 said...

Can I put in a tracksuit pants request?

Btw I thought you should know the comment moderation verification word is "hotie". Do you get to choose these :) ?

SuBoo said...

I haven't made tracksuit pants before - I do want to try though seeing as I have holes in my current favourite pair and I don't want to fork out $70-80 for a pair that hangs well!

Hurrah for word verification tool!