Saturday, 20 March 2010


This fake flu of mine has really hit me hard. I have hardly any energy to do anything - even watching tv is a bit of a struggle :( Not only have I missed out on some busy times at work, I've also missed out on Mally's thesis submission picnic and a baby shower for the soon-to-arrive Baby Nooby.

Lucky for me some lovely friends have been visiting to drop off food and groceries to me - I think I'd starve otherwise.

Got a trip up to Sydney next week to see Princess S and Little Miss M so I'm planning on making up a dress each for them - I figure if I split up the fabric cutting and the sewing I should be able to rustle up enough energy to get the job done. I'm thinking dresses made up using the Get Creative pattern I used previously for a little girl's top. I'll need to work out the difference between View A and B and then decide when I can utilise some brain power.

Seeing as I am house bound, I'll be making use of cotton from my stash... I'm thinking polka dots... or maybe those are spots in front of my eyes from concentrating too hard ;P

Time for another nap I think.


mallymoodle said...

Get well soon, Suboo!
I forgive your non-attendance :P

Pooey said...

i call you weak!!! i am the Hard Task Master!

SuBoo said...

The Hard Task Master is kinda mean I think... :((