Monday, 17 November 2008

Sew Easy...?

Like the pun?

I have decided to learn how to sew and have now purchased a pattern and some cheap cotton to test out. I hope sewing doesn't go the same way as a lot of my other hobbies - exciting for a week and then dumped into a corner to gather dust. I figure I am unemployed, I have access to a machine, and sewing should be a good break from my internet addiction - plus clothes where I am living seem to be super expensive these days - what up with that?? - so if I am somewhat successful, I will have gained a skill and eventually saved some cash on clothes.

Wish me luck.


Frannie said...

oh the pun!! the pun!! I get it! i get it, su! :P hahahahaha

hmmm you are much like me with hobbies... i picked up sewing (underwear making to be exact) a few years ago and was obsessed with it..

i discarded the hobby but like most of them, i would happily go back and do it if i just had the time!

ps. me, you read your blog - who else is there?

SuBoo said...

Hmm I am pretty sure KH, KT and Ee do... so its 4 ppl *hurrah* ;P

KH said...

Yeah I read this too!

Frannie said...

on a different note... get into knitting!! im bringing my needles back to knit while im there and jade has just caught on too!