Monday, 6 April 2009

My first pleating experience (Vogue V2975)

Based on feedback from my previous blog post (OK just the one - thanks RavenRant) and also non-blog feedback from others, I decided I would try my hand at the top from the Vogue V2975 pattern.

I've been keen to try my hand at pleats for quite awhile now so I was pretty excited to get started. Notes from the process:

100% quilting cotton purchased in a sale. I liked the colours and patterns of the fabric and so did mum so we ended up buying 6 metres of it to share. Quilting cotton is great to work with - strong and soft.

Pattern (Vogue V2975 : View B)

Pattern was straightforward and ended up looking exactly like as shown in the technical drawing. There was a note stating that the zip for the back may need to be shortened - I glanced at it briefly, but decided that I'd forgo the zip entirely and put in a button or clasp instead as the top looked quite roomy. Turns out none of the fasteners were necessary at all so I was pleased about that.

Beginners take note that there aren't explicit instructions to clip and notch the fabric seams when you turn the facings outward, so as a novice myself, I was a little concerned at what seemed to be a lot of ugly pulling that ironing couldn't fix. I finally worked it out when I read the notes that preceded the step-by-step instructions. I'm still learning so doing this hasn't become second nature for me yet.
(Apologies about the quality of the 'back' picture. Also note that the top hasn't been hemmed yet.)

As you can see, the back fits well. I am not very happy with the front unfortunately. As I mentioned earlier, the top looks exactly like the pattern, but is meant to fit someone with a wider body perhaps? The pleated area sags as there is just too much material there. I think if there was one pleat panel left, it would look perfect, however that messes up the symmetry of the pleating.

Would I do it again?

Yes, once I work out the best (and preferably easiest) way to alter the pattern so that it sits well.

As the top is overall very wearable, I'm keen to try to alter the front somehow. Does anyone have any tips to share? I had a couple of options in mind but I don't know how well they will work out - the pics are a rough indication of what they could look like courtesy of my hands and a couple of bobby pins:

I'm going to take my first poll on this - please vote on which option you think I should attempt!


Anonymous said...

I would do additional pleats, but maybe do three or four small ones spread across the neckline, to keep it symmetrical, and looking intentional. I think having more than two additional pleats will also help with the sagging issue.

That's a cute top - great work! :)

Unknown said...

It's great that you are making adjustments through trial and error and based on YOUR preference. Many people would give up in frustration, and then not want to return to sewing. The best sewing instructors teach that there are no "mistakes", just creative diversions to an even better outcome. Keep posting your progress, as it is great to see how others work through their projects!

Antique Rose Designs said...

It turned out good for a first time go. Do your adjustments and I'm sure it will look gorgeous. I'm not really into the clothes making I don't have the patience I'm more for the home furnishings check out my gallery on ebay. Good luck. Carol

mallymoodle said...

I prefer the additional pleats look, although I suppose if you cut the neckline to be round rather than straight across it would end up something similar to the rolled look.

Mary Nanna said...

The best thing to do is to upick (yes, sorry, very cruel) the pleats at the front then taper each one in fractionally so that they sit flat round your neckline.

The problem is your upper chest is smaller than your bust, so that while they fit nicely through the bust they are gaping at the neckline.

Good luck!

Mary Beth said...

I wrote you a long step by step fix for this but it was dumped when I couldn't sign in under the OpenID so if you're interested in detailed help please feel free to contact me. I'll use my Blogger ID for this comment and hopefully it will work.

Mary Beth at TheStitchery at Wordpress

Meg said...

I agree with Mary Nanna, We all have to unpick at some time. I really like the top and the fabric you have made it up in, it would be a shame to not finish it. i might check that pattern out. :)