Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Tiny Pocket Tank pattern - now in my pocket :)

I've been stuck at home all week with what I thought was the flu but has since been diagnosed as some crazy virus (the doctor didn't quite use the word crazy but I'm just telling it like it is). It's totally knocked me out and I haven't got much brainpower to use between naps and sniffles and eating a truckload of mandarins to boost the vitamin C levels.

I have however managed to do two things today:
  1. I've worked out how to back up my iPhone (apparently I had to delete all my songs before it would listen to me - still can't work out why that was necessary - thanks Apple!) 
  2. Bought the cutest pattern online - the Tiny Pocket Tank from Grainline Studio!
Image from Grainline Studios

I came across this pattern during my random trawling of the craft blogosphere and saw this great post from Kim of Oh, Sweet Joy - she'd done up the Tiny Pocket Tank in a few variations using some really pretty fabric. As per usual, I had to google it to see what other people thought, and found some great examples - there's even been a sew-a-long!

The pattern looks so simple and versatile that it could be done up in so many ways - casual and dressy - and of course with the new job, it would be great to make a few of these up for the office to wear under a jacket or blazer. I was sold. The pattern appeared for download almost instantaneously after payment - hurrah for online shopping!

Hopefully I get enough time at the machine to whip one up in the near future - it's a bit hard as I don't have a machine at my disposal right now :(

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sarahdudik said...

Thanks for mentioning my tank! I'm looking forward to seeing your version.