Saturday, 14 May 2011

Blog Poll and the Results

I haven't blogged since December - terrible I know - and other than the standard reasons of lack of time and general malaise, I found that the more I didn't blog, the harder it was to come back to it because I felt like I had to play catch up for the things I missed. Obviously the longer I'm slack the more there is to write about, which then makes me feel more reluctant... and so cycle goes.

Also, since relocating to Hong Kong, I've done absolutely zilch in the sewing stakes. I know the blog is called 'SuBoo: sewing and stuff', and a lot of 'stuff' has been happening, but I somehow feel guilty about neglecting the first part. It's almost like I feel like I'm lying if that makes any sense.

So. To just get over it all, I used Facebook Questions to see what my friends thought about it all.

The results were interesting - and the friends who read my blog most regularly and also have blogs of their own were the ones who wanted me to play blog catch-up (totally understandable!), but after having the question up for voting for a week, the winner was option 1 - 'Pretend the last 4 months didn't exist and start new posts from today'.

Am I relieved? If I'm being honest, yes! 4-5 months is a huuuuge effort to catch up on and I'm pretty sure I mentioned the word 'malaise' previously somewhere... so from this post onwards, I'll be posting a little more about 'stuff', and who knows, some of the stuff that happened earlier this year might make its way in here...

Thanks for voting peeps!

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