Saturday, 7 August 2010

My first burdastyle mag

I was mooching around in the local Borders the other night waiting for Mally and decided to peruse the magazine aisle to catch up on the latest celeb gossip - nothing like a bit of cerebral stimulation hehe - and I thought I'd check out the section with the craft mags.

Beading, cross-stitch, quilting, more beading... and then what did I see tucked away in the corner? A burdastyle mag. Having not read one before I opened it up to see what I could get for the 'import' cost of having it available in Australia.

I didn't expect much to be honest as I'd heard that the patterns and instructions could be quite confusing and I'm still pretty much a novice at sewing, but there were a couple of items that caught my eye, mainly the kiddie clothing and a summer dress.

A few more page flips though and I knew I had to buy it. I was super excited to see that this was the very issue I had thought about ordering in from overseas because of the One Dot Dress pattern that AllisonC had reviewed.

burda 05/2010 #105

Other reviews seem quite positive as well.

So now I've got the pattern, got some jersey in my stash, read the instructions and once I figure out what the Australian version of 'Vilene bias tape' is, I'll be set to go!


Angela said...

Hehe.. that's so awesome! I wish I could find this magazine at my local Barnes and Noble... hmmm.. maybe I should check out a Borders... I want to issue, too. :) Good luck with your first Burda magazine pattern!

SuBoo said...

Thanks Angela! I've gotten distracted by your M6069 dress though - I went looking for the pattern and had no luck finding it so I'm on a mission.