Monday, 18 January 2010

Overlocker bargain

I've often thought that having an overlocker would be handy - yes a standard sewing machine can do the job - but I personally have found working with stretch materials a bit of a pain on the normal machine. Finishing of the seams is a real pain, and call me lazy, but sewing a narrow double hem seems to take me forever (and I'm already very slow at sewing as it is!)

Maybe I'm just making excuses but when a girlfriend of mine (thanks Linda!) told me that there was a Singer Overlocker on sale for half the RRP, my ears pricked up. *Hmm... this could be interesting...* She was lovely enough to even call Harris Scarfe to put one on hold for me and it's a good thing she did - the rest sold out after 2 days on sale!

So now I am the proud new owner of a Singer 14T5545 overlocker *HURRAH*

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