Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Flower girl dress complete (I hope)

After spending a day or so sewing away in the sweltering heat (Melbourne's hottest November in 100 years), the dress is complete!

Well complete as far as I am concerned - the only thing is I hope Cheeky Miss C can fit into it! She currently wears 18-24 month old clothing, and I unfortunately was armed with a pattern for 4-6 year olds so I decided to be logical about it and just size down the pattern proportionally. Then I realised that little kiddies tend to have different proportions to older ones. Hmm. Let's just say my fingers are crossed that there are no alterations required.

Here are pictures of the finished product - it required a metre of Ivory satin-polyester from Cleg's, a lot of thread, a 10-inch cream coloured zip and a heck of a lot of sweat. Like I said, it was hot!



I took creative liberties by adding a black ribbon sash to the dress - I don't actually know what colour ribbon the bride has in mind for it. I'm quite pleased with the result though - I hope the bride and groom are as well!

PS I forgot to add - this took such a long time to do because I am ridiculously slow at this and there was a fair bit (for me anyway) of hand-stitching involved... and boy do I hate hand-stitching...


mallymoodle said...

Oh, so cute!!!

I'm sure it'll be fine
*fingers crossed*

Pooey said...

it's so cute!!!

no probs with the ribbon.. they'll probably just change it if need be..