Tuesday, 23 September 2008

When does New become Old?

So I did it. I got tickets to see NKOTB in concert. And boy am I excited! w00t! :)

Regardless of the ridicule directed at me from my gormless peers, I am really looking forward to the concert - it'll be my second live viewing of them - 16 years later and on the other side of the world.

Admittedly their latest album will not contain 10 No. 1 songs, but what album does? My only question is why they are back to being the New Kids On the Block on certain websites when I distinctly recall the official name change to NKOTB back in the day of the No More Games album. Perhaps it just is a question of marketablilty. No biggie, I know who they are either way.

I have been privy though to several snide comments though about the av
erage age of the group and how they are no longer 'New', but then really, when does New become Old? 'Old Kids On the Block' really isn't going to cut it, and 'New Men On the Block' makes them sound like they either cry a lot or have undergone a special kind of operation (cue the comments about Jordan's voice).

I could say NKOTB (long or short versions of the name) is not about being soft, it's about being smart, you suckers (in-joke for all the fans) but in the end, it is whatever works for them. And it's working for me - so bring on January 24!

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Elaine, Caitlyn & Jerry said...

hangin tough ! hehehe looking forward to your bloggerview of the concert !